Custom Acrylic Jewelry

Considerably lightweight, quality acrylics are easy and comfortable jewelry for any customers. Whether in anti-static, monochrome or white, our acrylics are highly transparent and fit any color easily.

Available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, our acrylic jewelry are easily designed to fit different fashion trends. We can add a personalized touch to our acrylic jewelry through our custom options, engraving and logo customizations for your brand.


Custom Jewelry Made From Premium Acrylic

Partnering with the most reliable acrylic supplier, we make sure your custom jewelry are made with premium materials.

With a strong finish and solid structure, our acrylic possesses excellent durability to preserve jewelry quality for many years.

Fitting for designer jewelry, our transparent acrylic allows for any color to appear opaque and appealing.

And every care is taken to ensure that the acrylic used is high-end and resistant to wear, fading and other defects.

Explore Our Acrylic Jewelry

Select from our variety of acrylic bracelets, necklaces and earrings designed to define brand quality and attract more customers.

Numerous Custom Options For Your Acrylic Jewelry

We present different options customized to every acrylic jewelry, from the choice in materials to the types of cords and claps. Explore the custom possibilities below for your branded acrylic jewelry!

Custom acrylic jewelry the way you like

With our design service and a wide range of custom options, you can customize your acrylic jewelry in just any way you like.

Differentiate Your Brand With Our Original Designs

If you’re looking for original designs to diversify your acrylic jewelry products, we’re more than happy to help.

With a group of talented designers who keep studying the fashion trends, we can help you come up with designs that fit your brand image, budget and market tastes.

And you can also fine tune our 200 designs coming out every month to fit your brand.

4. Draw 3D-Rendered-Designs

Our Commitments For Top Quality

At TTT Fashion Jewelry, we make no compromise in the quality of your custom acrylic jewelry.

From material selection to manufacturing to inspection, we make every effort to make sure they maintain their quality through the years.

The acrylic we use is also tested for their compatibility with any color. To gauge the strength and cleanliness of the acrylic surface, we check for any impurities, burrs, shrinkage and scratches.

Dedicated Support From Our Specialists

Matching the quality of our world-class jewelry, TTT Fashion Jewelry provides exceptional service and support that lets clients focus on what they are great at – making sales and improving their brand.

200+ Monthly Design Updates

Every month, we provide over 200 updates to our jewelry to appeal to diverse tastes and match market trends.

Structural Engineering & Design

With our superior engineering and design skills, we come up with designs that suit your brand and customers’ needs.

Jewelry Mold Making

Once the design is approved, we will make a custom mold that makes your jewelry ready for consistent production.

3D Mockup & Prototyping

You will receive a clear grasp of your custom leather jewelry design through our 3D concept and free samples.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our factory utilizes advanced machinery and equipment for incredible accuracy and precision.

Hassle-Free Logistics

Working with reputable logistic companies allows us to deliver your orders with a short lead-time.