Wholesale Stretch Stainless Steel Jewelry

TTT Fashion Jewelry offers revolutionary custom bracelets that bring out the identity of your brand at amazing wholesale prices. Our wide range of customization options allows for unique combinations of designs and materials that will capture your market’s attention.

Being an industry leader for almost a decade, we have established our reputation through the quality of our work, creative designs, affordable price points, and tailor-fit bracelet solutions. Contact our expert support team today and see how our bracelets can boost your business.

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Stainless steel custom jewelry combines the advantages of stainless steel materials. tttfashionjewelry has experience in cooperating with different large merchants, and has developed a series of mature cooperation processes from design to finished products.

stretch cuff necklace

stretch cuff necklace

goose throat bracelet

stainless steel cuff earrings

stainless steel cuff earrings

stretch rings

stretch rings

charms stretch bracelet

charms stretch bracelet

cuff adjustable bracelet

cuff adjustable bracelet

elegant zircon elastic bracelet

elegant zircon elastic bracelet

triple layer elastic bracelet

triple layer elastic bracelet

Custom Stainless Steel Bracelets By Type

Whatever bracelet types your market is after, TTT Fashion Jewelry has the perfect custom bracelet to match that need. Our fashionable bracelets reflect the latest fashion trends and best-selling designs.

stretch bracelet designgoose neck bracelet

Custom Stretch Bracelet

Wholesale stainless steel elastic jewelry set is different from the previous elastic jewelry. The inside is made of double-layer flat stainless steel woven with less elastic gap space.
After continuous running-in by designers and customers, and combining the unique toughness, anti-allergy, and non-corrosion advantages of stainless steel, the goose throat bracelet was finally produced.

    Custom Stretch Bracelet With Shrapnel

    Customized stainless steel jewelry also needs to consider the stability of the product and maintain its original flavor during use. A spring piece is added in the middle of the cuff stainless steel bracelet, which is about 0.6 mm thick. This is also the optimal thickness obtained by our professional designers after repeated tests. It supports the shape of the product while maintaining a certain elasticity.

    stretch bracelet detailsstretch bracelet design

    Get custom bracelets the way you like

    Bring a new level of creativity to your market with custom stainless steel bracelets sourced from TTT Fashion Jewelry. Not only do our bracelets sport the trendiest designs, but are also open to a wide range of customization options, creating unique bracelets that are inspired by your brand.

    custom jewelry

    Designed to Achieve Brand Goals

    In the congested jewelry industry, giving your market with unique and customized bracelets helps your brand fresh and original. TTT Fashion Jewelry always aims to keep our designs and styles in line with the latest fashion trends, ensuring we provide you with bracelets your market will enjoy.

    • Custom Whole Stainless Steel Jewelry Set
    • High Quality PVD Gold Plated Technology
    • One-stop Custom Your Own Design Jewelry

    Stainless Steel Jewelry Cutting

    One common method employed in stainless steel jewelry cutting is laser cutting. Laser technology allows for exceptional precision, enabling artisans to cut intricate patterns and shapes with remarkable accuracy. This technique is ideal for creating detailed and delicate designs that might be challenging to achieve with traditional methods. The precision of laser cutting ensures clean edges and minimal material wastage, contributing to the efficiency of the jewelry-making process.

    • Precision and Accuracy: Achieving precise cuts and measurements to ensure the pieces fit together seamlessly.
    • Minimizes material wastage

      stainless steel jewelry cutting

      Committed to Jewelry Quality

      Our commitment to quality when manufacturing our world-class bracelets is rooted from our genuine concern for your brand. Stringent quality control guidelines are maintained within the daily operations of our production facility to ensure the consistency of our bracelets.

      • Raw materials procured from our network of suppliers are inspected upon arrival, taking out materials that don’t match our ideal qualifications.
      • As for the handcrafting process, routine QC inspections are conducted in between and after production, making sure the end products satisfy our clients and their market.

        Dedicated Support From Bracelet Specialists

        Matching the quality of our world-class jewelry, TTT Fashion Jewelry provides exceptional service and support that lets clients focus on what they are great at – making sales and improving their brand.

        200+ Monthly Design Updates

        Our talented design team constantly updates our design offerings, placing a premium on fresh and innovative concepts to capture your market.

        Structural Engineering & Design

        Jewelry from our facility is carefully planned by our design team, making them not only aesthetically pleasing but long-lasting as well.

        Jewelry Mold Making

        Utilizing the latest in molding tools and techniques, we create exceptional molds that serve as the basis for your jewelry.

        3D Mockup & Prototyping

        To properly plan and create your jewelry, we create 3D mockups and practical prototypes to test the quality and integrity of the end product.

        Manufacturing Excellence

        With our years of experience in manufacturing custom jewelry, we have established our name and honed our skills in consistently delivering exceptional products to our clients.

        Hassle-Free Logistics

        Partnering with reliable logistics companies, we make sure you get your products on-time, all the time. Tracking information is provided to you for real-time monitoring, giving you peace of mind.