Custom Stainless Steel Jewelry Supplier

If you’re looking for a custom stainless steel jewelry manufacturer to make a fashion jewelry with your company logo or other promotional jewelry- you’re at the right place!

TTT Fashion Jewelry is your premium supplier of stainless steel jewelry- in multiple product types, including stainless steel bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants. We’re the only custom fashion jewelry manufacturer in China who can deliver from 100 to 10,000 (Low MOQ).

Manufacturing from a simple plating color to endless possibilities.

TTT Fashion Jewelry offers an extensive array of advanced and standard stainless steel jewelry processing services for stainless steel cutting, polishing, plating, engraving and stone setting. We specialize in quick delivery and custom processing to meet your most challenging stainless steel jewelry needs.

Plating Stainless Steel Jewelry

PVD Plating

By applying various plating methods like electroplating, we can bolster the corrosion resistance of our stainless steel jewelry.Such as copper, zinc, gold and platinum.

Stone Setting

Incorporating natural, synthetic, or dyed stone materials onto stainless steel jewelry, we add a complementing aesthetic to the jewelry.

Private Label Stainless Steel Jewelry

Private Label/ LOGO

We can tarnish or laser private label according to your brand, logo and company name to customize your own jewelry.

Custom stainless steel jewelry the way you like

With our design service and a wide range of custom options, you can customize your stainless steel jewelry in just any way you like.

Specially Designed For Jewelry Brands

With our flexible custom & efficient manufacturing services, we can bring to reality any accessory concept that you provide.

TTT Fashion Jewelry is capable of designing jewelry that express their brands’ messaging across its target demographics.

Our design & production skills allow us to craft stainless steel jewelry that is sought after by many customers, helping you to raise brand awareness within your target market.

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    Stainless Steel Jewelry Design
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    Committed to Quality Stainless Steel Jewelry

    We aim for the best possible stainless steel jewelry that surpasses your expectations in terms of aesthetics and durability.

    To achieve our mission, our staff conducts a thorough inspection and testing process throughout the production process. Part of our tests include water resistance and colorfastness test to see the durability of our stainless steel jewelry.

    Through our several quality control processes, we guarantee all of your orders are free from any flaws.

    Salt Spray Test

    Subjecting our jewelry in the corrosive concentration for more than 24 hours allows us to test their color retention and anti-corrosion abilities.It exposes materials to a salt-laden, corrosive environment to assess their ability to withstand rust and corrosion.

    Constant Temperature Test

    Guarantees that the tested jewelry products will not fade, rust, etc. under standard temperature and humidity conditions.

    Transportation Test

    The Transportation Test, involving 238 RPM for 60 minutes, assesses the product’s resilience during transit, ensuring it arrives safely and undamaged, meeting our commitment to quality assurance.

    Dedicated Support From Our Specialists

    Working with us in creating your stainless steel jewelry is easy and free from hassles thanks to our simple process & attentive staff.

    200+ Monthly Design Updates

    Every month, we provide over 200 updates to our stainless steel jewelry to appeal to diverse tastes and match market trends.

    Structural Engineering & Design

    With our superior engineering and design skills, we come up with designs that suit your brand and customers’ needs.

    Jewelry Mold Making

    Once the design is approved, we will make a custom mold that makes your jewelry ready for consistent production.

    3D Mockup & Prototyping

    You will receive a clear grasp of your custom leather jewelry design through our 3D concept and free samples.

    Manufacturing Excellence

    Our factory utilizes advanced machinery and equipment for incredible accuracy and precision.

    Hassle-Free Logistics

    Working with reputable logistic companies allows us to deliver your orders with a short lead-time.

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    Over a decade experience of jewelry manufacturers, stainless steel jewelry supplies, we have an extensive range of jewelry types made from stainless steel, with high quality processing technology, helping you to meet the taste of different customer groups.