Custom Earrings

TTT Fashion Jewelry custom handmade earrings are beautifully crafted wearables that are sought after in the fashion, jewelry, and gifting market. We have qualified artisans who can carve various materials into attention-catching shapes, sizes, and forms to create tailor-made earrings. Our staff has a clear line of communication with you at all times to ensure we turn your concept into glamorous earrings that can draw in your target audience.

Custom Handmade Earrings By Type

We have two main custom earring types for you to choose, giving you a strong base for your tailor-made fashion solutions.

Pearl Earrings

Each of our pearl earrings is adorned with fashionable spheres, making them exude class and elegance.You also can choose many pearl materials.

Casting Stainless Steel Silver Earring

Casting Earrings

High quality stainless steel materials not only plated gold or rose gold also the blue and other colors you need. Casting the design or engrave your brand or logo on it.

Explore Popular Earrings By Material

TTT Fashion Jewelry can create custom earrings with different kinds of materials that fit a specific aesthetic or look. We assist you in finding a custom earrings solution that can meet specific market demands by incorporating the right material to your personalized accessory.

Get custom earrings the way you like

We go beyond just manufacturing earrings according to your specifications. TTT Fashion Jewelry will work with you in finding a custom earring solutions that will elevate your brand within your target market.

Valuable designs make your brand more valuable

TTT Fashion Jewelry custom beaded earrings provide an expressive and playful aesthetic that can connect with younger consumer groups.

Our consultants work closely with you in depicting your concept and specifications accurately, translating it into high-grade custom earrings that bolster your brand within your target market.

On making every piece of quality earring

We make sure our earrings are of no harm from sourcing thje material. Each of our steel material is hypoallergenic or are comfortable and safe on the skin.

With a strict quality management system, we examine each of our custom earrings for any flaws or defects throughout the manufacturing process. Our keen eye on quality ensures your orders are in excellent condition.

Dedicated Support From Earrings Specialists

We aim to bolster your business through our comprehensive services along with our high-quality custom earrings.

200+ Monthly Design Updates

TTT Fashion Jewelry designers can create more than 200 new earring designs based on the market trend.

Structural Engineering & Design

We incorporate a durable construction on each of our earrings while maintaining an attractive aesthetic.

Jewelry Mold Making

For bulk orders, our team can utilize various molding techniques to manufacture large quantities of high-quality earrings.

3D Mockup & Prototyping

By utilizing 3D software and providing a free sample, you get a clear preview of your custom earrings before we mass-produce it.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our ISO9001 certified plant has the latest equipment and tools to create high-grade custom earrings.

Hassle-Free Logistics

TTT Fashion Jewelry guarantees that nearly every order of your custom earrings will arrive at your address on-time.