2023 New Stainless Steel Birthstone Jewelry Wholesale

Birthstone jewelry with timeless styles and designed with meaning.

  • Designs inspired by over 50 well-known jewelry brands
  • PVD plating stainless steel jewelry
  • Stone setting by craftsmen with over 10 years experience

Best Sellers

Keep your customers stay on trend with our newest arrivals in the stainless steel jewelry collection. Over 100 designs in stock for you to choose from. Start from an MOQ of 120.

Vanessa Synthetic Aquamarine Birthstone Mini Pendant Necklace
Red Wonder Pear Synthetic Garnet Birthstone Pendant Necklace
Gemma Pear Synthetic Amethyst Birthstone Pendant
April Birthstone Synthetic Aquamarine Birthstone Pendant
April Birthstone Synthetic Corundum/White Sapphire Birthstone Necklace
Synthetic Emerald May Birthstone Necklace
September Birthstone Synthetic Sapphire Necklace
October Birthstone Synthetic Pink Tourmaline Necklace
November Birthstone Synthetic Citrine Necklace
December Birthstone Synthetic Tanzanite Blue Necklace
Gold Plated Stainless Steel Necklace with Crystal
Stainless Steel Moon Stone Necklace
Stainless Steel Crystal Necklace
Stainless Steel Necklace with Crystal Pendant
Stainless Steel Necklace with Gold Plated Pendant
Ava Delicate Gold Ball Bracelet 1mm
Charlotte Luxury Bracelet 4mm
Mia Vintage Gold Paper Clip Bracelet 4mm
Avery Vintage Gold Paper Clip Bracelet 5mm
Eleneor Delicate Gold Bracelet 5mm
Layla Gold Cable Chain Bracelet 5mm
Grace Synthetic Garnet Birthstone Mini Earrings
Ivy Synthetic Amethyst Birthstone Mini Earrings
Skylar Synthetic Aquamarine Birthstone Mini Earrings
Claire Synthetic White Sapphire Birthstone Mini Earrings
Bella Synthetic Emerald Birthstone Mini Earrings
Audrey Synthetic Alexandrite Birthstone Mini Earrings
Madelyn Synthetic Ruby Birthstone Mini Earrings
Delilah Synthetic Peridot Birthstone Mini Earrings
Hailey Synthetic Sapphire Birthstone Mini Earrings
Emery Synthetic Emerald Birthstone Minimalist Earrings
Nevaeh Synthetic Alexandrite Birthstone Minimalist Earrings
Reagan Synthetic Sapphire Birthstone Minimalist Earrings
Lyla Synthetic Citrine Birthstone Minimalist Earrings
Glittering wings Crystal Stainless steel Earrings
“Four petals” Black Onyx Stainless steel Earrings
Candice Chain Stainless Steel Ring
Sophie Dual Sleek Stainless Steel Ring
Sage Minimalist Stainless steel Ring
Trinity Luxury Stainless Steel Ring
Elsie Red Agate Stainless Steel Ring
Adelyn Moons and Stars Stainless Steel Ring
Vera Synthetic Garnet Birthstone Ring
Sydney Synthetic Amethyst Birthstone Ring
Alayna Synthetic Aquamarine Birthstone Ring
Nyla Synthetic White Sapphire Birthstone Ring
Elaina Synthetic Emerald Birthstone Ring
Malia Synthetic Alexandrite Birthstone Ring
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    Why Choose Our Newest Stainless Steel Jewelry

    Marine-Grade Stainless Steel

    Our 316L stainless steel made jewelry is allergic free and resistant to corrosion. Perfect for sensitive skin.

    12 Months Birthstones Used

    All kinds of colors and shapes for your customers’ needs. Quality ensured.

    Ethically Sourced Birthstones

    Each birthstone goes strict screening process before cutting, grinding, polishing, and stone setting. Certifications available on request.

    Trendy Designs for Your Market

    An expert team of designers spent 2 months of global market research before delivering all the creative jewelry items.

    In-house Factory Manufacturing

    Working with in-house factories allows us to reduce costs and brings more profits to you. Projects are completed in 4-6 weeks with our advanced production tools and skilled artisans.

    Quality Ensured in Any Detail

    We’re committed to upholding quality standards in our entire production facility. From material selection to jewelry inspection, our quality control experts stop at nothing to guarantee consistent products at all times.

    We Are Here to Help

    Ready to Buy in Bulk?

    Wholesale Jewelry At Unbeatable Prices

    Samples Free Shipping, Worldwide

    Order jewelry that values $50 and we will ship it to you for free. We also offer free samples and free shipping for large volume orders. Contact our team for more info.

    Volume Discounts

    We encourage clients to save more with our flexible volume discounts program. Get 1% discount on the first order worth $30,000. Talk to our sales team today.

    Shipping Fee

    When it comes to paying the logistics, we support worldwide shipping by working with the main logistics companies. All the fee is transparent and traceable.

    No Mould Fee

    You don’t have to worry about it if our in-stock jewelry is what you need. We recommend mould opening for clients who’re seeking custom or unique jewelry. Contact us any time.

    Delivering Full Services with Real Results

    As part of our drive for consistent stainless steel jewelry, we go to great lengths to qualify the 316 steel and birthstones. Establishing a network of premium materials suppliers is one step in this direction.

    PVD Gold Plating

    Gold layer thickness from 0.1μm~5μm. Our14K and 18K gold plating is nickel-free and hypoallergenic for long-lasting use.

    No Scratches Stone Setting

    Proudly said that our experienced craftsmen ensure that stones are securely set without scratches caused by metal frames

    FAQs on the Newest Stainless Steel Jewelry

    What is the birthstone for January? Garnet

    What is the birthstone for February? Amethyst

    What is the birthstone for March? Aquamarine

    What is the birthstone for April? Clear Glass

    What is the birthstone for May? Emerald Cat’s Eye

    What is the birthstone for June? Pearl & Alexandrite

    What is the birthstone for July? Ruby

    What is the birthstone for August? Peridot

    What is the birthstone for September? Sapphire

    What is the birthstone for October? Pink Tourmaline & Opal

    What is the birthstone for November? Citrine

    What is the birthstone for December? ZirconTanzanite & Turquoise

    We only use 316L stainless steel. Stainless Steel is a durable and nearly indestructible form of alloy. It is particularly popular in men’s necklaces, bracelets, wedding bands, and fashion rings. Our 316L stainless steel jewelry is minimalist, versatile, and allergic-free, featuring the latest styles and trends of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and fashion rings.

    316L stainless steel, also known as marine grade stainless, is an alloy of steel that is corrosion resistant and allergic-free. If your customers with sensitive skin are ever troubled with wearing stainless steel jewelry, 316L jewelry is what you should recommend to them.

    Our craftsmen have been in the industry for over 10 years. Their level of talent and dedication is testified by the quality of every stainless steel jewelry that leaves our warehouse, devoting time and skill to ensure consistency and beauty are front and center.

    As much as we’d like to support smaller brands, we cannot cover our costs for orders less than the MOQ 120.  To ensure you get the best possible products and services, we need to invest time and money in our designs and manufacturing.

    Normal time: 4–6 weeks upon receipt of advance payment and confirmation of every detail. We also take rush orders if you want to speed up time to market.

    Welcome on board. Be our exclusive client by bulking over 1,000pcs. No additional costs. Contact our support team for details.