Custom Necklaces

TTT Fashion Jewelry provides attractive handmade necklace solutions that will help any business draw in consumers from their target markets. We have an extensive range of necklaces made with various materials and are formed in different styles. We also offer incredible discounts on custom necklace bulk orders to drive your profit margins.

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Custom Handmade Necklaces By Type

Our team is capable of building custom necklaces in different styles, letting any business get ahead of the trend in the fashion industry. We can achieve timeless designs that exude breathless appeal.

Natural Stone Necklaces

Each of our beaded necklaces is beautifully crafted pieces. Our customization options include various types of materials such as acrylic, opaque, plating, and crystal beads.

Chain & Link Necklaces

Vintage and classy aesthetic that suits formal occasions. We craft necklaces made from materials with different designs, lengths, and shapes.

Explore Popular Necklaces By Material

As one of the top necklace companies, we can manufacture customized fashion accessories from various materials.

Get custom necklaces the way you like

Success comes from creating fashion accessories that resonate with the current trend and market demands. We work closely with you in designing custom necklace solutions that help you connect with your target audiences.

Making your brand unique

The rich selection of materials let you meet rising demands for specific styles or convey a message that can elevate your brand among your target market.

By choosing the different styles and materials of your custom necklace, you can resonate with different niche groups in various markets such as wooden necklaces for nature lovers. Through our tailored solution, you can create a significant impact on your target consumers to drive your brand.

Stainless Steel Jewelry Design

Quality necklaces happen all the time

TTT Fashion Jewelry only chooses qualified workers to join our dedicated team with a background in fashion and style. Every staff can achieve a superior level of artisanship that can match any branded jewelry.

All of our team go through every crafted beautifully custom necklace to ensure they are in perfect condition free from defects or unwanted burrs.

Dedicated Support From Necklace Specialists

We aim to bolster your businesses through our outstanding services and quality custom necklaces.

200+ Monthly Design Updates

Our designers constantly update our custom necklace line base on market trends and demands.

Structural Engineering & Design

We take into account the daily usage of our fashion accessories, making our necklace durable and wear-resistant.

Jewelry Mold Making

By utilizing a superior mold manufacturing process, we can mass-produce beautifully crafted necklaces in a short period.

3D Mockup & Prototyping

We can provide a clear preview of your custom necklace before proceeding to mass production.

Manufacturing Excellence

We utilize the latest manufacturing tools and equipment to comply with global standards when producing custom necklaces.

Hassle-Free Logistics

By working with logistic companies, we guarantee all your orders are completed with a short lead-time.