Custom Cuban Link Chain For Your Business

TTT Fashion Jewelry has an extensive range of cuban link chains including bracelets, necklaces, and rings, as well as numerous custom options in sizes, shapes, colours and surface finishes.We have the skills and equipment to fulfill cuban link chains wholesale price orders.

Unlock the Infinite Possibilities of Wholesale Chain

Unleash the boundless possibilities offered by wholesale chains with us. Our collection of wholesale chains embodies craftsmanship, quality, and style, presenting a diverse range of options to suit every taste and preference.Whether you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your retail collection or searching for the perfect accessory to complement your personal style, our wholesale chains promise versatility and allure without compromise. Dive into a world where craftsmanship meets affordability, and unlock the infinite possibilities of wholesale chains with us.

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Custom Cuban Link Chain

At tttfashionjewelry, we bring you the epitome of personalized style with our custom Cuban chains.Our experienced design team is dedicated to creating Cuban chains that not only exude sophistication but also reflect your individuality. Each chain is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring impeccable quality and timeless elegance. With tttfashionjewelry, you can elevate your style effortlessly with our exquisite custom Cuban chains.

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Custom Made Chains

Experience the epitome of personalized luxury with our custom-made chains, wholesale chain jewelry, and full-service custom jewelry offerings.  With our wholesale chain jewelry options, retailers can access high-quality pieces crafted with attention to detail and durability, perfect for enhancing their collections and delighting customers. Additionally, our full-service custom jewelry ensures a seamless and personalized experience, from design consultation to the final product, making every piece a true reflection of your individuality and taste.

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Custom Chain Pendant

Elevate your style with our exquisite custom chain pendants, crafted to reflect your unique personality and taste. Our collection extends beyond individual pieces to include wholesale chain bracelets, allowing you to create a cohesive and personalized jewelry ensemble. With our “get your own design” option, you can unleash your creativity and design custom chain jewelry that speaks volumes about your individuality. Embrace the elegance of customized chains and bracelets, and make a bold statement with jewelry that is as distinct as you are.

Custom Options For
Cuban Link Chain

We take pride in our ability to offer a wide range of materials and processing options to create the perfect custom Cuban link chain that meets all your requirements.Our commitment to quality extends beyond materials to encompass a variety of sizes, colors, and surface finishes, ensuring that your custom Cuban link chain is not just a piece of jewelry but a reflection of your unique style. Furthermore, we offer private label solutions, allowing you to personalize your chain with your brand’s logo or insignia, adding a touch of exclusivity to your collection.

Material Stainless steel, copper, brass available
Length 18″/20″/22″/24″/26″/28″, custom length
Width 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm
Clasp Plated Lobster Clasps, Magnetic Clasps
Color 14K/18K gold, white gold, rose gold
Logo Free logo in laster or engrave available
Gender Style Men,Women

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Talk with us about your rough ideas and custom needs, our jewelry experts will get back to you within 8 hours.

    Explore Our Newest Cuban Link Chains

    We have an extensive range of cuban link chain types made from copper to stainless steel, helping you to meet the taste of different customer groups.

    Cuban Link Necklace With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y08G
    • Heart-shaped tassel chain (copper) : 540mm
    • Paper clip chain (copper) : 6mm*500mm
    • Extension chain length: 40mm
    • Stainless steel tag: 13mm

    Cuban Link Necklace With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y09G
    • Droplet tassel chain (copper) : 350mm
    • Tiny O shaped chain (copper) : 400mm
    • Chain (copper) : 6mm*450mm
    • Thick O chain (copper) : 510mm
    • Cooper with zircon Freshwater pearl pendant: 14.5mm
    • Malachite pendant: 12mm*12mm
    • Extension chain length: 50mm
    • Stainless steel tag: 8mm

    Cuban Link Necklace With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y10G
    • O-shaped chain 1 (copper) : 340mm
    • O-shaped chain 2 (copper) : 400mm
    • O-shaped chain 3 (copper) : 500mm
    • Conical parts: 3.5mm*7.5mm
    • Abalone Pendant: 12mm
    • Copper tag : 15.5mm
    • Extension chain length: 5cm
    • Stainless steel tag: 8mm

    Cuban Link Necklace With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y11G
    • Necklace length: 550mm
    • Paper clip chain (copper) : 6mm*285mm
    • O shaped chain (copper) : 8mm*250mm
    • Stainless steel tag: 13mm

    Cuban Link Necklace With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y12G
    • Necklace length: 465mm
    • Chain length: 9 mm * 440 mm
    • Copper with zircon of O shape clasp: 15mm*29mm

    Cuban Link Necklace With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y13G
    • Round tassel chain (copper) : 350mm
    • Chain (copper) : 400mm&515mm
    • Paper clip chain (copper) : 6mm*460mm
    • Gold plating freshwater pearl: 13mm
    • Eye pendant with zircon: 25mm
    • Stainless steel tag: 8mm
    custom chains

    Cuban Link Chain With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y01G
    • Bracelet length:185mm
    • Extension chain:50mm
    • Handmade chain length (copper) : 170mm
    • Round tassel chain (copper) : 170mm
    • Stainless steel tag: 13mm
    • (Minimum Internal circumference 165mm)
    wholesale chain

    Cuban Link Chain With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y02G
    • Bracelet length:205mm
    • Paper clip chain (copper):6mm*17mm
    • Heart-shaped tassel chain (copper)
    • Freshwater pearl: 9mm*11mm
    • tag of Copper: 15.5mm by diameter
    • OT clasp:O:11mm
    • (Internal circumference 170mm)
    custom link chain

    Cuban Link Chain With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y03G
    • Bracelet length: 235mm
    • Chain (copper) : 12.5mm*145mm
    • Jade: 10~13mm
    • Bead length: 70mm
    • Copper clasp with Zircon: 14*18mm
    • Stainless steel tag: 13mm
    • Copper beads:3 mm
    • 6 white strings(1#) by double lines
    custom cuban link chain

    Cuban Link Chain With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y04G
    • Bracelet length: 200mm
    • Copper chain: 9mm*175mm
    • Copper with zircon of O shape clasp: 15mm*29mm
    • Stainless steel tag: 13mm
    • (Inner circumference 170mm)
    wholesale chain bracelet

    Cuban Link Chain With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y05G
    • Bracelet length: 205mm
    • Square buckle with copper: 12.5mm*21mm
    • Chain (copper) : 12.5mm*190mm
    • Stainless steel tag: 13mm
    custom chain bracelets

    Cuban Link Chain With 18k Gold Plated

    • Item:TTEZI03Y06G
    • Bracelet length: 195mm
    • Extension chain length: 40mm
    • Chain (copper) : 12.5mm*90mm
    • Handmade chain: 15.5mm*105mm
    • Stainless steel tag: 13mm
    • (Minimum Internal circumference 165mm)

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