Quality Management

TTT Fashion Jewelry’s complete quality management system controls the quality in every productionstage. Our experts guarantee that our jewellery undergoes 100% quality inspection to identify defects and ensure consistent product quality.

Raw Material Quality Management

To ensure comprehensive quality management, we make sure that our materials have been inspected and treated to maintain quality.

We have collaborated with the most trusted suppliers that consistently provide high-end raw materials.

Through our supplying network, we have been able to provide customers with high-quality jewelry over decade.

Beauty starts with the details

We inspect and test every detail of your custom jewelry to ensure they are fine and lack of any defect.

Size Inspection

We measure every piece of jewelry within a reasonable tolerance range of ±0.5cm. Getting the right measurements ensures that our jewelry fits any wearer.

Salt Spray Test

Subjecting our jewelry in the corrosive concentration for more than 24 hours allows us to test their color retention and anti-corrosion abilities.

Vibration Abrasion Test

A 5 minute abrasive test is performed mainly on plated products, with a recommended plating thickness of 0.5 microns.

 Tensile test

The necklace must not be severely deformed or broken when held under a pull of £4 for 10 seconds.

Constant Temperature Test

Guarantees that the tested jewelry products will not fade, rust, etc. under standard temperature and humidity conditions.

Transportation Test

Test at 238 revolutions per minute for 60 minutes to see if there is any damage to the product inside the case.


Our compliance to the industrial standards has earned our factory Reach and PROP65 certification. If you have these requirements, you can inform our sales team for such documents.