Custom Stone Jewelry

Made from the most polished and durable stones, our custom stone jewelries are customized for long lasting wearing. Whether carved or assembled together, our selection of stones make fine jewelry thanks to their brilliant colors, clean surfaces and aesthetic value for different customers.

Every detail of your stone jewelry can be customized to meet your market needs, from styles to sizes to shapes to ornaments.

custom natural stones necklace
Natural Stone

Thousands of Stones For Your Jewelry Customization

At TTT Fashion Jewelry, there are thousands of stones available for jewelry-making, such as turquoise, crystal, moonstone, zircon and more.

Due to its richness in color, turquoise is sought after and maintains color quality thanks to its durability.

With its pearly and opal color, moonstone is a pristine material that glimmers in dark places.

Zircon appears in various colors, from vibrant red, purples and green hues to colorless shades. Resisting high temperatures, zircon is not easily discolored.

Whether you’re searing for precious stones or common ones, we can meet your needs.

Explore Our Stone Jewelry

Look at our variety of stone bracelets and necklaces designed to define brand quality and attract various tastes.

Numerous Custom Options For Your Stone Jewelry

A wide array of custom options are open to your stone jewelry customization. Explore the possibilities you can make use of in material, cord, charm, clasps and more!

Custom stone jewelry the way you like

With our design service and a wide range of custom options, you can customize your wood jewelry in just any way you like.

Uniquely Designed For Your Jewelry Brands

Want to differentiate your brand with origin designs?

We have thousands of stock designs and 200 more are coming every month to help you diversify your stone jewelry.

If you want designs unique to your brand, our experienced designers can help you through the whole customization process, including everything from 3D sketching to sampling to production.

4. Draw 3D-Rendered-Designs

Quality Guaranteed By An Experiened Manufacturer

Being a reliable manufacturer, we try our best to make sure the every piece of your stone jewelry is in consistent good quality.

Each stone has been tested prior to manufacturing for their ability to maintain color consistency and determine overall strength.

We carry out anti-aging and other stability tests to make sure our stones can maintain design details under extreme temperatures.

Dedicated Support From Our Specialists

Matching the quality of our world-class jewelry, TTT Fashion Jewelry provides exceptional service and support that lets clients focus on what they are great at – making sales and improving their brand.

200+ Monthly Design Updates

Every month, we provide over 200 updates to our stone jewelry to appeal to diverse tastes and match market trends.

Structural Engineering & Design

With our superior engineering and design skills, we come up with designs that suit your brand and customers’ needs.

Jewelry Mold Making

Once the design is approved, we will make a custom mold that makes your jewelry ready for consistent production.

3D Mockup & Prototyping

You will receive a clear grasp of your custom stone jewelry design through our 3D concept and free samples.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our factory utilizes advanced machinery and equipment for incredible accuracy and precision.

Hassle-Free Logistics

Working with reputable logistic companies allows us to deliver your orders with a short lead-time.