Custom Leather Jewelry

Leather has a recognizable surface texture, making any accessory made from the material appealing to mature consumers.TTT Fashion Jewelry custom leather jewelry is uncommon fashion accessories that exude a vintage and classy aesthetic.

Being an experienced manufacturer, we can design and produce leather jewelry in various custom shapes, sizes, and forms as well as inscribing different designs, letters, or logos onto the leather pieces.


We Offer A Wide Range of Leather For Your Custom Jewelry

We have an outstanding selection of leather materials available that come from natural sources such as cattle embossed leather, cowhide, sheepskin, and various semi-finished products.

Leather from these sources has a comfortably smooth surface with a durable interior and a lack of any chemical odors.

TTT Fashion Jewelry can also provide hypoallergenic leather jewelry that contains a special lining to prevent contact with the material, allowing you to attract specific consumers in your target market.

The superior qualities of our natural leather material can help wholesalers, retailers, and jewelry brands create a wholesome image among their target audience.

Custom Options For Your
Leather Jewelry

From materials to clasps, click on the options below to know how you can create a significant impact in different markets.

Your Ultimate Custom Leather Jewelry Manufacturer in China

Responsible Supply Chains

Wholesale leather jewelry solutions and supply chain optimization, tailor-made for your business.TTT Fashion Jewelry only partners with the top 3 raw material suppliers in China.

Highly Skilled Craftsmanship

We have more than 600 handpicked teams that have more than 10 years of experience in the leather jewelry processing industry. Every worker pours his or her passion to each of jewelry.

Commitment to Sustainability

Use a better wholesale packaging supplier that complements your brand’s sustainability values. It is your brand’s destination.

Custom leather jewelry the way you like

With our design service and a wide range of custom options, you can customize your leather jewelry in just any way you like.

Unique Designs To Meet Brand Goals

With a group of skilful designers, we can bring nearly any of your jewelry concept into reality.

By performming an extensive research on the latest market trends and demands, we find efficient leather jewelry solution that appeals to your target audience.

Through our skills, tools, and extensive research, we can produce various kinds of leather jewelry that satisfy your branding milestones.

4. Draw 3D-Rendered-Designs

Committed To High Quality Standards

In ensuring all of our leather jewelry meets the global standards, we implement a strong quality control process that involves checking each aspect of the product.

During production, we test our leather jewelry for its color, thickness, colorfastness, and environmental test. And our team also utilizes a chemical reaction test to determine our jewelry is free from any harmful content.

With our compliance with global standards, we help you earn trust among your target consumers and increase brand awareness.

Dedicated Support From Our Specialists

Matching the quality of our world-class jewelry, TTT Fashion Jewelry provides exceptional service and support that lets clients focus on what they are great at – making sales and improving their brand.

200+ Monthly Design Updates

Our designers constantly update our custom jewelry line base on market trends and demands.

Structural Engineering & Design

We take into account the daily usage of our fashion accessories, making our jewelry durable and wear-resistant.

Jewelry Mold Making

By utilizing a superior mold manufacturing process, we can mass-produce beautifully crafted necklaces in a short period.

3D Mockup & Prototyping

We can provide a clear preview of your custom jewelry before proceeding to mass production.

Manufacturing Excellence

We utilize the latest manufacturing tools and equipment to comply with global standards when producing custom jewelry.

Hassle-Free Logistics

By working with logistic companies, we guarantee all your orders are completed with a short lead-time.