TTT Fashion Jewelry has more than 10 years of experience in custom stainless steel jewelry, and the casting process in stainless steel jewelry manufacturing is very commonly used for custom jewelry customers.

Here’s an overview of the casting process in custom stainless steel jewelry, stainless steel jewelry manufacturer.

1.Design and Mold Creation

The first step in casting stainless steel jewelry involves creating a design concept. Once the design is finalized, a mold is crafted to replicate the desired shape. The mold can be made from various materials such as silicone, rubber, or metal.

2.Wax Model

In some cases, a wax model of the jewelry piece is created using the mold. This wax model serves as a prototype for the final stainless steel piece. It allows for adjustments and fine-tuning before proceeding to the casting stage.

3. Investment Casting

The investment casting process begins by encasing the wax model in a heat-resistant material called investment. The investment is usually a mixture of plaster and other compounds. Once the investment sets, it forms a mold around the wax model.

4. Burnout

When it comes to burnout, the mold is heated to melt and remove the wax model, leaving behind a cavity in the mold that matches the desired shape of the jewelry piece. This process is known as burnout.

5. Casting-the most important part

Once the mold is prepared, molten stainless steel is poured into the mold cavity through small channels known as sprues. The high temperature of the molten metal helps ensure that it fills the entire cavity and takes the shape of the mold.

6. Cooling and Removal

After the molten stainless steel is poured, it cools and solidifies, taking on the shape of the mold. Once the metal has completely solidified, the mold is broken or removed, revealing the cast stainless steel jewelry piece.

7. Last but not least

The cast stainless steel jewelry piece may undergo further finishing processes such as polishing, sanding, or plating to achieve the desired texture, shine, or color. These finishing touches help enhance the aesthetics and quality of the final piece.

Casting allows for the production of intricate designs and unique shapes or special label in stainless steel jewelry, making it a versatile technique for custom jewelry creation. It enables jewelry artisans to bring their creative visions to life, resulting in beautifully crafted stainless steel pieces that can be enjoyed as fashionable accessories. Contact TTT Fashion Jewelry, make your own jewelry!