Custom Crystal/Glass Jewelry

A variety of healing crystal jewelry and fashion accessories are produced from the most attractive crystals and glass. We create seaglass, fused glass, dichronic and other jewelry styles that come in different colors, bright and sparkling shades.

Our one-stop services go beyond design customization and attend to the needs of your business, including hassle-free distribution. Check out our offers today!


A Wide Selection of Top Quality Crystals For Your Custom Jewelry

At TTT Fashion Jewelry, we offer a wide selecton of crystals, from attractive rose quartz to black tourmaline to citrine to amethyst crystal, for your custom jewelry.

All of our crystals possess an excellent, and classy appearance. The mesmerizing colors of our crystals present endless possibilities for producing jewelry of any kind.

Pure and refined, the polished surface of our crystals shows cleanliness that stays for longer periods.

We only select suppliers that have been certified for their capability in consistently bringing premium crystals. Our network ensures a stable supply of high-end crystals that reduces time spent throughout the production process.

Explore Our Crystal & Glass Jewelry

Select from our line of crystal bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are made to attract wider audiences and cement brand loyalty.

Numerous Custom Options For Your Crystal/Glass Jewelry

We have custom options in terms of material, size, shape and style to set apart our crystal and glass jewelry from your peers.

Custom crystal/glass jewelry the way you like

With our design service and a wide range of custom options, you can customize your crystal jewelry in just any way you like.

Original Designs To Make Your Brand Stand Out

With a group of talented designers, we can come out with original designs to make your brand stand out.

Our designers who understand the market will carefully study your concerns, and help you determine the trends and styles that appeal to your audience. We’ll create accurate models for you through CAD and other 3D design tools.

With our design service, you can focus on your business while we’re preparing the most appealing jewelry sets that define your brand to your audiences.

4. Draw 3D-Rendered-Designs

Quality Crystal Jewelry Direct From A Reliable Manufacturer

Maintaining pristine quality requires much testing in every stage of production.

Prior to production, our trusted suppliers have already checked the quality of the crystals and glass used to ensure they can be shaped and formed to our liking.

During production, our factory workers will test the strength and durability of our crystals to ensure consistency and functionality when made into jewelry.

In our quality inspections, we check the clearness of the surface and ensure there are no scratches and other defects.

Dedicated Support From Our Specialists

Matching the quality of our world-class jewelry, TTT Fashion Jewelry provides exceptional service and support that lets clients focus on what they are great at – making sales and improving their brand.

200+ Monthly Design Updates

Our designers constantly update our custom jewelry line base on market trends and demands.

Structural Engineering & Design

We take into account the daily usage of our fashion accessories, making our necklace durable and wear-resistant.

Jewelry Mold Making

By utilizing a superior mold manufacturing process, we can mass-produce beautifully crafted necklaces in a short period.

3D Mockup & Prototyping

We can provide a clear preview of your custom necklace before proceeding to mass production.

Manufacturing Excellence

We utilize the latest manufacturing tools and equipment to comply with global standards when producing custom necklaces.

Hassle-Free Logistics

By working with logistic companies, we guarantee all your orders are completed with a short lead-time.